There’re those moments in life when everything seems pointless,

When you can’t accept help from people ‘cause you feel helpless,

When the far you’ve come doesn’t matter, you still feel hopeless,

When your pain has pushed you close enough to your threshold for stress.
That moment when you feel that you have nothing to aspire to,

When you feel like a waste of space; like you’ll never break through,

When it feels like things will never get better no matter what you do,

And you start thinking your family and friends will be better without you.
That moment when you’re going through a complete lack of motivation,

When there seems to be no end in sight and you can’t change the condition

Like being pulled in different directions and yet, still stuck on one position,

Be it a disease, or whatever other condition, this is a dangerous emotion.
I wanna tell you that you’re not a burden to your friends or family,

There’re better days ahead no matter what you go through daily,

You have so much going for you and people who love you dearly,

Who act out of the kindness of their hearts, and ever so happily.
Letting them help you doesn’t in any way mean that you’re broken,

It’s true, accepting help can be challenging, but it helps to be open

Reach out, voice your concerns, don’t let yourself feel so forsaken,

I know you care about them, but they care about you too, so listen.
Stop seeing only the bad things in your life, it’s not your fault,

Refrain from critical self-talk, it’ll only push you towards self-assault,

You have value, so choose life, be a survivor even when it’s difficult,

Let them know how you feel and you will be surprised at the result.
There’s a reason why you were put in this world, you’re not a loser,

You’re loved, unique, beautiful beyond vision; you have a great future,

Let people be there for you like you’ve been for them, let them get closer,

Surround yourself with those who support you, feel the love they have to offer.
Be open to others, deepen the connection and intimacy that you share,

Be with family and friends, be happy every single minute you can spare,

Take in all the good in yourself, don’t drown yourself in hopelessness and despair,

And when you feel so drained and disconnected, talk to God, He’s ever there.
Don’t withdraw from those who love you, there’ll be a ripple effect,

And you’ll hurt them, when all they wanna do is to love and protect,

Redefine your feelings, value your life, no single person’s life is perfect,

Don’t deny them a chance to be there for you, if they wanna help, don’t object.
Let go of that perceived burdensomeness, YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN TO THEM.



It’s difficult to separate the past from the present,

Not everything that has been bent can be unbent,

You cannot unmeet people, or un-go places you’ve went,

You cannot un-cry your tears or un-argue an argument,

You cannot un-break a heart or take back an ill comment,

You cannot un-say words you said because you needed to vent,

You cannot take back time or wish away time you’ve spent,

Things get messed up every once in a while, with or without intent,

Some scars will remain and not every grain of dreg can sediment,

Some things just can’t be put back together once they fragment,

You can choose to be better or spend the rest of your life in lament,

You can make a choice to forgive or live with that hateful torment,

You can take a new dimension in life or spiral down the pitiful descent,
There’s nothing you can do about the past, it’s the past and that’s just it,

Sometimes the least you can do about your mistakes is just to admit,

And then find a new path in life and pray that your ego can permit,

Not everything’s your fault, some situations and people are just a total misfit,

Not every fight can be won, not every situation in life will be for your benefit,

Your next new best-friend may just turn out to be the worst hypocrite,

You just might lose your new job no matter how much you commit,

Once in a while you’ll be flattered by a smile that’s full of deceit,

You may give out your heart to someone and they turn out to be a cheat,

But it doesn’t mean that you give up on people or concede to defeat,

Sometimes what breaks you is what is meant to make you complete,

It’s not all times that you’ll win; and a wise man knows when to quit,

But sometimes the worst mistake you can make is to take the backseat.
And when it feels like the tunnel is endless or at the end there’s no light,

Look up to the one who feeds the sparrows, mere birds of flight.

Have faith that He watches over you, He that separated day from night,

That even at that moment when your strength is failing, His is not finite,

He authored your life, He knows what’s going on, trust Him to make it right,

Not all situations in life have answers, not all wars can be won by might,

Sometimes the only way up is down on your knees, make it your delight,

Have a little more faith in yourself and in people, put on a little more fight,

Hold on a little bit longer even though your pain may not go away overnight,

Fight for the sake of those who see you as their definition of ‘alright’,

And whether the whole world has faith in you or holds you in spite,

There’s always a reason to take the next breath, to keep your goal in sight,

Someone’s been where you are; keep alive the faith, keep on the fight.



LOVE THEM ANYWAYLoving someone who can never love you back can be unbearable,

The damages it does to your heart overwhelming and irreparable,

Yet it draws such compassion from the depths of your soul,

Something so deep and true over which you have no control.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’re lied to,

How many times they’re untrue and leave you feeling blue

Or how many nights you spend awake consoling them,

You love them with all their flaws, you never condemn,

It doesn’t matter even when so much doubt fills your heart,

You still love them through it anyway.
When you choose to love someone who’s struggling for their life,

Too burdened by the weight of their own pain and strife,

When you commit yourself to bear someone’s hurts and agony,

When you choose to walk with them in their moments of fear and apathy

When you can love them even when their darkest moment in life comes,

You discover how deep your capacity for empathy and kindness runs.

Dedicating yourself to someone who cannot give you the same dedication back,

Is a risk we all fear to take; like trending down a blind fearful track.

Caring for others with all their flaws and weaknesses is not easy,

But you still love them through it anyway.
Be with them ‘cause you care, love and feel they’re worthy and deserving,

Not because you pity them, feel obligated to, or ‘cause it’s gratifying.

Give enough weight to your every “I’m here for you”,

Be there for them, walk with them, carry them if you have to.

Everyone needs someone, but there’s someone who needs you specifically,

In whatever way, be it physically, spiritually or emotionally,

There’s always someone who needs you more than you need him or her,

Someone going through grief, a heartbreak, illness or just seeing their life in a blur,

They may be incapable of giving us a relationship equivalent to that which we give them,

Just learn to love them unconditionally: LOVE THEM ANYWAY.



I always say that the beauty of a dream is in the mind of the dreamer,

And taking charge of your dreams and not simply settling for a daydreamer,

Is what makes you choose to invest in them even when the odds are against you,

And gives you the strength to brace the twists and curves till you break through,

It’s never a smooth ride, but it powers you to reveal yourself to yourself,

So don’t let yourself lose the momentum at the prime of the dream itself.
People will shut you down and criticize you for being overly ambitious,
And leave you stuck to holding yourself back in the name of being cautious,

They’ll try to influence you and dissuade you from pursuing your aspirations,

Half of them because they are afraid you’ll succeed beyond their expectations,

Listen to your own heart, choose your dreams, your passion, choose your own path,

There’s something bigger than what you have, go out there and cut your own swath.
Get past that perfectly rational concern about moving beyond where you are,

Don’t follow a path charted for you by others, rise beyond the moon and star,

You’ll fail sometimes, and maybe even lose faith, and things will get hazy,

But the fight’ll be worth it whether or not everyone else thinks you’re crazy

Don’t let the society’s opinion of success deter you from building your dream,

Focus your time and effort on your dreams no matter how futile it may seem.
There’ll always be that voice in your head rattling off reasons to give up the fight,

And sometimes letting go feels like the better option, but it pays to hold on tight,

Some setbacks may turn out to be the best thing that could ever happen to you,

It’s not about the hurdles you face or have faced, do the best that you can do,

Security is an illusion; it can easily enslave even the best and the brightest,

Be grateful for what you have, but aspire to reach your goals, to be the best.

Challenge those cognitive errors of black-or-white assumptions that you hold,

Let one failure inspire your next attempt to be better and watch your world unfold,

Take those baby steps towards realizing your dream every single chance you get,

Explore your options, lay your foundations, aim higher; don’t give up yet,

Appreciate what you’ve achieved and the many times you’ve exceeded expectations,

Set your own standards of achievement and go after them, whatever the conditions.
You don’t have to win over people who only criticize you and enjoy seeing you in tears,

You do have a choice, to either engage in self-sabotage or to conquer your fears,

Allow yourself to feel the negative, to cry if you must cry, but stay positive,

It’s possible for your dreams to come true, be fearless and clear in your motive,

Stay true to yourself, fight because it’s worth it, believe because it’s worth it,

Don’t procrastinate, pursue your dreams, take risks, the victory will be worth it.



Dear you,,,, yes, you,,,,,all of you.

I hope this gets to you in time, and there’s something you can do.

They call me The Boy and back then I used to be considered a blessing.

I’m writing to tell you…no, to remind you how I’ve been progressing.

My mother and sisters love to believe I’m growing up in a patriarchal society,

And all I have to do is be a man, that’s their definition of reality.

My aunt thinks I’m programmed to bottle up my pain and anguish,

To suffer in silent agony, she says, will cure my sister’s languish.

I don’t understand what I did wrong. I’m just a child lost in neglect,

Why can’t even dad see how much my life has become wrecked?

I watch the sun go down hoping you’ll reach out, though you are disinclined.

What in God’s name did I do to warrant being left behind?

Why fight to rescue my sister only to start pushing me into the shell?

When it can’t contain me anymore, how will words dispel what you know so well?

I’m struggling enough to grow into a man, just let me anchor unto thee.

All I need is someone to empower and to mentor but not to suffocate me.

You have abandoned me and left me to succumb to destitution,

Desperately searching in the eyes of the society for consolation.

And all you’ve fed me is depression, hopelessness and loneliness.

If I grow messed up, will you seek my redemption and salvation or your forgiveness?

You’re busy breeding an angry, marginalized generation of men,

Vascillating between climbing out at any cost and embracing the glen.

Was what I’ve become unexpected after being so unloved, unwanted?

Could a boy grow up in a world full of uncertainties and not come out blunted?

I hope this gets to you in time, and there’s something you can do.

Yours Desperately,

The Boy.




Most times in our lives, all we seek is people’s validation,

That hint in their eyes, a sign of approval, of their recognition,

 Like living and being yourself needs everyone’s permission,

We second-guess our decisions, to ensure their satisfaction,

We shrink with anxiety and fear of another person’s opinion,

We go to great lengths to provide everyone an explanation,

Of our choices, our decisions, our reasoning, our every action.

And let fear of disapproval and criticism become our only motivation.
Do we ever stop to ask ourselves how we ourselves are fairing?

Or how much our addiction to attention leaves us suffering?

Do we ever hear our own voices or we just are never listening?

Do we realize how much it holds us back and the time we’re wasting? 

Why is it too difficult to focus on what it is that we love doing?

To get in touch with what matters to us, and what’ll make life fulfilling?

Why can’t we make being ourselves as natural as breathing?

Who said we need everyone to agree that we’ve excelled in something?
We can be, and indeed are the greatest source of our happiness,

You are the right person for that job whether or not you make a mess,

Don’t let your need for approval affect your performance and success,

You don’t need to look to others to feel good about yourself or to progress,

Don’t be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy just to try and impress,

Even under such pressure, you can build a sense of self-acceptance nonetheless,

Acknowledge the times you’ve been true to yourself, appreciate such boldness.

Let success be doing what’s important to you and life’ll be much more effortless 
Make never seeking validation from others your eleventh commandment,

Don’t let your performance anxiety paralyze your true self like an ailment,

Don’t be too shy and introverted, wear self-confidence like a garment,

You can’t please everyone, people will show disrespect and resentment,

No matter what you do to impress them, focus on your personal fulfillment,

Speak your opinions, learn to say no, there’s no shame in being different,

See disapproval as a chance to improve your performance not as a determent,

Be honest with yourself, embrace learning and focus on constant improvement.




Hello sir, I’ve got something I want to tell you, can we talk?

I’ve been seeing you, you know, you pass along this block,

I’ve been wanting to ask you, but you’re always fast when you walk,

Sir, do you think I’m different, you know, from the rats in the dock?

There’s something in the way you look at me, like you mean to mock,

And it’s been really disturbing me, day-in, day out, round the clock,

I’d have followed you home, but didn’t think you’d open if I knock,

So tell me sir, what do you think of me? I’m I just part of the sidewalk?
I just can’t seem to understand, no matter how much I rack my brain,

I watch the rest of you and ask myself, does anyone understand my pain?

Is it my fault that I don’t have a home? That I have to sleep out in the rain?

That I’ve been reduced to combing through garbage cans my life to sustain?

Do you have to insult me when I beg for food? Couldn’t you be a bit humane?

I’m I just good for the camera for you to beg for funds from which I never gain?

What happens to the funds you get after you use my face in your campaign?

What did I ever do to deserve going through this pain again and again?
Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to wake up knowing what you will eat,

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, without the rats and street dogs to compete,

That you’ll have a roof over your head after a day under the suns scorching heat,

And not have to just drop anywhere without anything to cover with in the street,

To have a bed to sleep on and not have to spend your nights on cold concrete,

To have a mom or dad to stand up for you when bullies and strangers mistreat,

To be able to eat well, to bathe, have a nice change of clothes, to be neat,

Not having people turn away from you like you have MERS when you try to greet,

I’d love to know a new normal, to know how it feels like not going without,

To live a life free of such mystery, free of all this uncertainties, all this doubt,

To know love, to have a normal childhood, to know what family life’s all about,

To just but have a feel of what people mean when they talk about cookout,

Do you think there’s hope for me sir? If you could, would you help me out?

Is there something out there for me? Is my entire life just a total washout?

Is there any chance that someday there is going be a turnabout,

In the societies attitude towards me or things will remain like this throughout?
Have you ever in your life considered becoming a volunteer?

Or doing something to ease my problems and my fear?

Like giving out the old clothes you haven’t worn since yesteryear?

In whatever state, they’ll be good enough for me to wear,

Or just spending time with me, simply lending me your ear,

Sometimes all I need is to feel like someone holds me dear,

That in whatever state, someone cares and will always be near,

To give me hope to hold on even when my pain is so severe.
It’s not my wish to live like this, circumstances dictate,

If only it were possible to change the hand of fate,

I would not be in the streets with no one to educate,

At the risk of contracting diseases with no one to vaccinate,

Dying of curable diseases with no one to medicate,

At the mercies of perverts my innocence to violate,

Robbed of dignity while my suffering you underestimate,

If only you could understand, if only you could relate.

If only you could see my world through my eyes,

Then you could know how I feel when you despise,

You could know much I dread seeing another sunrise,

Knowing my daytime demons will yet again arise,

And I will relive the pains of yesterday without any choice,

Oh how I wish that someone would hear my cries,

That I didn’t have to live looking forward to my demise,

That someday life will be kind to give me a reason to rejoice.