Night Watches

A night spent in His PRESENCE is always worth.
On 19th December purpose not to sleep, come let us seek the Lord.
It will be a night of Express worship and Supplication.

An Encounter with the King.

*Crying* is a dimension of prayer and one of the languages of travail. However, you can’t talk about travail without talking about conception, which has to do with pregnancy. In other words, there has to be conception before travail. Therefore, when the seed of God’s Word goes forth, it’s spermatic, and it’s looking for a womb in order to cause pregnancy, growth, and labor. For, example the Children of Israel lived in Egypt for 430 years [see Exodus 12:40] However, from the womb of Egypt, came forth Moses; when the children of Israel began to cry out to God, the crying was a signification that their time and season had come, it was a symbol that their time had come to full term and that God had heard them.
Travail is the place in prayer where you labor in the spirit to position yourself to release that what God has placed in your spirit. It’s intense and it’s strategic. It’s a place of positioning in order to birth out!
*Birthing out* is that time after crying and travailing that God allows you to bring forth through prayer in the spirit that what He has placed in your spirit.
So, I say to the Body of Christ, it is time for us to cry out, travail, and birth out what God is allowing you to carry.

Prayer is a birth canal. It creates and establishes a place for God to cultivate and nurture holiness, righteousness, purity and Godly character in us. Prayer creates an atmosphere where everyone carries a spirit of prayer, not just a belief of prayer but a behavior of prayer, a conviction of prayer, a mantle of prayer. Prayer can stop things. Prayer stretches and creates.
openings that enable us to birth the will and purpose of God in the earth. Prayer brings you to a place where you partner with God. You establish a divine relationship, which makes you a co-creator and co-controller in the universe with Him. Prayer influences what happens on earth. When earth prays, heaven responds. If nothing leaves earth-nothing leaves heaven. Prayer is something that works. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a deadly and effective weapon for destroying the works of the enemy. Prayer is stretching out with expectation and unleashing the power of God. Prayer reaches into another dimension and brings the Kingdom of God into your environment, situation, circumstances, your space, your home, your city, and your nation. Prayer breaks the cedars, divides the flames of fire and shakes the wilderness of Ka’desh- (Psalm 29:8).
Prayer establishes boundaries, borders, and parameters. Prayer pushes back evil spirits, entities and despotisms. Prayer is standing, building, resisting, renouncing, forbidding, disallowing, decreeing, declaring and establishing. Prayer is communion with God, which is a relationship from heart to throne, spirit to spirit invading the impossible and breaking human limitations. Prayer is standing in the gap, building up a hedge of protection and crying out to God. Prayer is stretching out with expectation and unleashing the power of God. Prayer is reaching into another dimension and bringing the Kingdom of God into your environment, situation, circumstances, your space, your home, city, nation, and your church.

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