There is hope in the future.

Sometimes life can be hard sometimes, situations can be confusing when we walk in the darkness in the moments of despair our hope is in the Lord.

The enemies of the children of Israel followed them in hot pursuit

The red sea stared back at them hindering their progress.

High rocky cliffs gnarled at them teasing them to try and climb over.

The only place to look was up in the sky and wish for wings to fly away.

Looking up where their help was assured paid off and God made a way for them.

They sang a song of victory and watched the salvation of the Lord God from everything that threatened their lives.

“Your right hand, O Lord , is glorious in power. Your right hand, O Lord , smashes the enemy. In the greatness of your majesty, you overthrow those who rise against you. You unleash your blazing fury; it consumes them like straw.
Exodus 15:6‭-‬7 NLT
Receive a new song too.

@pastor Lucy Paynter

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