Towards Rejuvenating Our Bible Study Habits

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Of the truths that we know, one stands out as infallible – that the Word of God is the only revealed Truth that there is and has ever been. Perhaps, with that revelation, the Word of God should be the most sought-after thing in the world. But is that the case? May be not. In fact, rarely do people read the word with the dexterity that they accord other matters such as politics. I usually say that most of the adults we have today are Sunday school drop-outs; who once in a while [may be on Sundays] have their biblical knowledge replenished by the clergy.

But apart from the services, how many other times does the contemporary Christian bother to delve into rigors biblical study? The presumption that one can survive without the Word of God is one of the most fatal mistakes made by the Christian nation today. The…

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