WElcoming New Year

Pastor Lucy Paynter

2016 is almost over, and 2017 is coming.

An illustration of a room with an open door and the world in front of it. Stock Illustration - 9353164
Every time you go through a door, there is a change of environs.
From outside to inside or from one room to another.
You cannot be at two places at the same time.
But we have a tendency of bringing something with us to the next level as well as leaving behind something.
Look back and choose carefully what to carry along and what to leave behind.
Some burdens are weighty, and they sap our energy preventing us to be productive. That which is and was beyond your control. That which is and was frustrating you. That which is and was a constant reminder of your failures and shortcomings. Leave it all Behind!
Some aspects and memories are worthy to be cherished. They refresh and rejuvenates you giving you the energy to keep going. Such memoirs are a keeper.Hold on them to…

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