Pastor Lucy Paynter

Dear you,,,, yes, you,,,,,all of you.

I hope this gets to you in time, and there’s something you can do.

They call me The Boy and back then I used to be considered a blessing.

I’m writing to tell you…no, to remind you how I’ve been progressing.

My mother and sisters love to believe I’m growing up in a patriarchal society,

And all I have to do is be a man, that’s their definition of reality.

My aunt thinks I’m programmed to bottle up my pain and anguish,

To suffer in silent agony, she says, will cure my sister’s languish.

I don’t understand what I did wrong. I’m just a child lost in neglect,

Why can’t even dad see how much my life has become wrecked?

I watch the sun go down hoping you’ll reach out, though you are disinclined.

What in God’s name did I do to warrant being…

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